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The Lake County Sewer Company Inc. for over a quarter of a century, has been solving sewer and water line problems for municipalities, government, industrial companies and commercial firms on an interstate and local level.

Lake County Sewer Company Inc. is a turnkey operation. Our staff is experienced. We have spent most of our lives in the business, and are trained to use the most technically advanced cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation equipment available today. And our success is a result of building customer relationships through personal communication and consultation. It's a simple way of doing business, and it works.

To keep your sewers always running smoothly and pinpoint potential problems before they cause costly damage to the infrastructure, let Lake County Sewer plan a maintenance program for you.

If you have an existing problem, call us. We can quickly assess the damage, personally meet to communicate the problem, then, consult with you on a cost-effective solution.

Rick Marucci,
CEO/Corporate Secretary

Sewer Cleaning

High-pressure Jetting

Inspection And Testing
Television Inspection 4" And Up
Lateral Television Inspection
Dye And Smoke Testing
Manhole Testing
Air Testing
Pipe Deflection Testing
Joint Testing

Sewer Rehabilitation
Mainline And Lateral Sewer Rehabilitation
Pipeline And Manhole Grouting
Manhole And Structure Relining
Point Repair Lining
Cured In Place Pipe Lining
Joint Sealing

Other Services
Line Acceptance For New Sewer Construction

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