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PACP certified to troubleshoot any problems.
Our professional crews are certified by NASSCO through their Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). Once your sewers are cleaned, they will identify any potential problems quick and easy. Equipped with pan & tilt cameras and radial viewing cameras, Lake County Sewer Company will determine your pipe condition in diameters of 4" to 80" pipes.

Accurately recording problem and evaluating repairs.
Locations of potential, or existing problems, are accurately identified and videotaped, then transmitted to our on-site inspection truck system. There, we record them with voice-over comments, so we can inform our clients of recommended repairs.


Other testing methods:

  • Dye/smoke testing to find infiltration or
    exfiltration within storm and sanitary sewers

  • Mandrel testing to accurately measure
    sewer pipe deflection and deformation

  • Air testing uses air pressure to determine
    the integrity of newly installed lines

  • Manhole vacuum testing detects
    any leaks and infiltration