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Keeping your lines in working order.
With our state-of-the-art arsenal of sewer jets, combination jet vacuum machines and advanced-design nozzles and cutters we will keep your lines clear of sludge, roots and blockage.


Preventive Maintenance.
You can flush out potential sewer problems before they happen. Just get on a scheduled maintenance program. Lake County Sewer Company will clean, and then inspect your sewers, identifying potential problems before they cause costly infrastructure damage. With sewer repair and replacement costs continuing to rise, preventive maintenance is a smart move today – and will pay big dividends tomorrow.

Confined Space Entry.
In situations that require actual entry into manholes, treatment plants and sewer lines, Lake County Sewer Company sewer inspection personnel are OSHA trained for safe operations.

    • Safety equipment such as lighting,
      fresh air blowers, etc. are used.
    • All personnel are equipped with radios
      for two-way communication.
    • Emergency escape routes and
      hazard awareness are top priorities.
    • Proper clothing is worn at all times.
    • OSHA standards are always met.