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Our grouting specialists are trained in the latest grouting techniques and are certified to meet the highest industry standards, by NASSCO. Using accurate inspection reports and videos, they will attack your sewer problem quickly with the perfect repair solution. They will use the most technically advanced equipment that eliminates the disruptive, outdated dig-and-replace methods.

Grout repair of mainline and lateral lines.
With the help of a video camera, a state-of-the-art grout packer is positioned over the joint, inside the pipe. Grout is pumped through the packer and into the joint, sealing the outside of pipe without changing the shape or diameter of the pipe. The packer is then used again to check the successfully sealed joint.

“Cured in Place Pipe” rehabilitation.
Lake County Sewer Company delivers the latest “Cured in Place Pipe” (CIPP) lining technology. Using state-of-the-art equipment and certified products, we rehabilitate mainline sewers and service laterals. Certified products include, 100% solids epoxy, polyester resins and cementitious lining. Our trenchless rehabilitation methods have proven to be an extremely effective solution, time and time again, by industry’s leading innovators. Our trenchless applications are practical in a wide range of pipe diameter, from 4” to 100”, and in lengths of 2’ and up, depending on the process used. All of our techniques are economical trenchless alternatives for repairing conduit with little or no disturbance to the public.


Manhole rehabilitation.
A variety of applications and other hand-applied engineered materials are used to cost-effectively stop infiltration, restore structural integrity and protect against corrosion. This rehabilitation creates an impervious monolithic structure with compressive and flexible strengths exceeding that of the original structure.